Bearing or bringing forth a demon.

With all one’s might; at great speed; with great strength.

_++Welcome acolyte(s), if you are reading this, it is because I, your inquisitor, have seen some ability or skill that you possess deemed needed in the never ending fight against the enemies of man. Take this as you wish, but now you have been recruited to serve the Inquisition and through it serve Him-On-Earth. There is no refuting this offer. Your missions will be hazardous, they will be intense, and for the large part you will go unthanked, unseen, the silent hand to a far reaching agency. Your enemies will be vast, they will be infinite, and many will be veiled in secrecy. If you are killed or captured your involvement will be denied. You will have to trust your teammates, for often they will be the only shield you will have against your enemies.
Gather your supplies, take only what you need and head for Scintilla to Hive Sibellus, there you will go underground (literally if you feel it necessary). Do whatever it takes to blend in, and wait until I call upon on you. Enjoy the time of peace and quiet, for soon your lives will change forever. I will find you when the time is right++
_ _
Demonize your doubts.
+ Your "Benefactor"+

Demonoparous Amain

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