Demonoparous Amain

First session: Into Corscola
The game begins with a body.

And the game begins. The players, acolytes to an Inquisitor who has chosen to remain anonymous. Known only as the “Benefactor”. Who has told the acolytes to meet at hive tarsus on Scintilla, the capital world of the Calixis sector. After several days (or weeks depending on how long it took them to arrive) of hiding amongst the population they recieve word to head to the Tempulum Mori, the house of the dead on Hive Tarsus.

Making their way into the dark corridors of the Mori, the party queitly looks each other over, remaining silent until they enter into a surgery room. Occupied by a man, later identified as Gramen Sand, a skilled medicae doctor. He tells the party that he is a member of their Benefactors retuine and that he will be their handler of sorts for this mission.

He shows them a body, belonging to a common hiver named saul arbest, found dead in the rail station two days ago. preliminary autopsy pointed to drug overdose however postmortem surgurical autopsy revelead somethign more sinister, Several of the mans organs were either removed or altered and a long fleshy artifical organ was found wrapped around his spinal cord, according to Sand that is what killed, him. Further observances indicated this was done against sauls will, and it was extremely painful.

Saul gives them information and false identies as regulators for an independant contracting firm. And sends them off to Corscola district, where Saul lived and first dissapeared from.

Upon entering corscola Leonhart, votes for going to see saul’s sister, Lilly, who was suppose to live with him.

They go to his hab and find lily, packing up her things, the party asks questions but isn’t making much headway. Until Lillith, a psyker trained in divination offers to allow lilly to “look into the void and say goodbye to her brother” in exchange for information.

Given the extreme power involved to actually communicate with the dead, Lillith instead chooses to put on a show, only pretending to contact him, however it is quiet convincing, LIly is in tears and tells her everything she knows, that saul got laid off at work and drowned his sorrows at the workers union bar with a friend named zeke. Whom she has not seen since saul disappeared, she also says that saul wasn’t the only one, there up to at least a hundred, and more were disappearing each night. The party heads to the workers union looking for zeke.

At the rowdy bar Jerricus uses his presences as a man of the cloth (along with his large warhammer) to acquire information from the barkeep. Who he tells that he has come down to deal with the vanishings. The barkeep eagerly points him to the church, mentions that zeke either spent his time at the union, the almshouse (where many laid off workers got their food) and the church. He also says that the local priest, father clovis rarely left his church and that the chief of police was an obscura addict.

Trying to figure out their next plan lilith vouches to use her powers to divine the location of zeke, claiming she has just enough information to at least get an idea. Jerrichus begrudgingly agrees.

It is a lot harder than she thought, using up two out of three of her fate points and a minor power to re roll. but once she does it pays off (despite jerrichus’s mocking words), as she is able to pinpoint his exact location, she finds that he is at the church right this moment.

The party sets off, completely unaware that the night cycle has fully take place. Soon they hear unusual sounds and liliith feels a dread feeling. Suddenly Jerrichus is attacked by a being, though he brings his hammer up in time to save his life, the creature flees into the darkness, all he knows is that that thing was stronger than any human, and that their are four pairs of eyes surrounding him. Leonhart draws his sword and the session ends.

Will the players survive their first trial by fire? WIll they fall victim to whatever happened to Saul? Tune in wednesday to find out!

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