Ordo Malleus

inquisiton_small.pngThe Ordo Malleus (literally, Order of the Hammer in High Gothic) is one of the three major Ordos of the Inquisition. It is tasked with the responsibility of investigating and destroying the physical manifestations of Chaos and it’s Demons throughout the Imperium.

Known colloquially as Daemonhunters, the members of the Ordo Malleus are individuals of great strength of will, able to face the agents of the gods of Chaos without flinching. Due to the highly secretive nature of its mission and the great mental strength required to combat the forces of Chaos, the Ordo Malleus is by far the smallest Order of the Inquisition.However, the strength of the inquisitors of the Ordo is bolstered by their Chamber Militant, the Grey Knights.

The Ordo Malleus is considered one of the oldest and most ancient arms of the Inquisition that was created by the decree of the Emperor prior to his internment and ascension to the Golden Throne of Terra. It was originally established to police the thoughts and deeds of the Imperium itself which meant it was charged with the purity of other Inquisitors In the hours following the defeat of Warmaster Horus, and understanding the severity of his own wounds, the Emperor believed that others must fill his role guarding humanity from the Warp, to thwart the designs of the gods of Chaos.

Being a division of the Inquisition, the Ordo Malleus consists of exceptional individuals who are involved in a covert war for Mankind’s continued survival which has been the case for the last ten thousand years. As every Inquisitor has sworn oaths to defend the Imperium from its worst enemies, the members of the Ordo Malleus are concerned with eliminating the physical manifestation of Chaos itself. They have pledged their existence to the discovery and removing the threat of the daemonic, wheverever it is found. To aid them, they have at their disposal every member of the Imperium and will not hesitate to requisition local troops at a moment’s notice.1 They serve as an inner college within the ranks of the Imperium with its activities and very existence being shrouded in secrecy. The Ordo goes to great lengths to hide the existence of Chaos and its servants from the greater masses of Mankind with the Emperor as well as his advisors fearing the dangers of such knowledge. As such, when the Ordo Malleus is ever mentioned, it is referred to as being the watchdog of the Inquisition itself though its actual purpose as the Imperium’s elite Daemonhunters is a much more serious and sinister matter

In normal circumstances, the Ordo Malleus focuses its investigations toward two main threats
The Daemon Without: daemons that have physically manifested in the material universe and mortals dedicated to the service of Chaos.
The Daemon Within: inquisitors declared Extremis Diabolus for heretical actions.

Ordo Malleus

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