Gramen Sand

"Please, I could stitch up you up with my eyes closed"


Gramen Sand is a skilled medicae doctor, one of the many field agents employed by your benefactor, it is unknown if he works only for her or pedals his services for other Inquisitors.

He is a prominent expert on matters concerning the human body, both natural and bionics. And is working his towards the study of multiple xenos species as well.

A polite albeit distant man. He has been charged with giving the acolytes their first mission as a team. His experience warranting him becoming a “handler” sorts for them. Something of which he is not excited about, despite this fact though he has high hopes for the acolyte cell.

He seems mildly uninterested in anything not pertaining to medicine or biology. He will immediately take a liking to anyone who shows a shared interest in those subjects, or at least humors him. If one were to do so, he would become much more lively and even begin to joke.

Gramen Sand

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